Repeat Prescriptions & Referrals

The Evans Street Medical Clinic is working with HotDoc to provide an option for people who need a repeat specialist referral or prescription or for regular medications but do not want or are unable to book an appointment.

Through HotDoc Repeats, you can make an order for a prescription you regularly receive and it will be completed as an e-script that can be delivered to you via SMS or email, or you can collect it. Current patients who have been prescribed the medication previously by the selected doctor are able to use this service. Addictive medications such as opiates cannot be obtained through this service.

We can only process referral requests if you either want a recently expired referral from the doctor redone or if you want a recent referral readdressed to a different specialist. We cannot provide new referrals for services that have not been discussed with the doctor.

As we are unable to bill Medicare for this service, there will be a non-rebateable private fee that will be charged through HotDoc when the request is complete.

You can access this service below, or on the Online Booking page by pressing the relevant button at the top.

Once your request is submitted you will receive a confirmation email, and once the request is complete you will receive another email stating it was accepted and is either ready to collect, or it has been sent electronically.

Requests for repeat prescriptions may take up to maximum one to two business days (not including Saturday) to be processed. URGENT requests will usually be completed by the CLOSE OF BUSINESS of the DAY FOLLOWING the request (not including Saturday), although this is subject to the timing of your request, your regular doctor consulting on the day of the receiving the request and having the request approved on clinical grounds.