Mental Health

Here at Evans Street Medical Clinic, we have Mental Health nurses working in cooperation with the GPs to enhance our ability to help our patients.

A mental health nurse is a registered nurse who specialises in working with people who have a mental illness like depression, postnatal depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or psychosis.

Mental health nurses might have also completed further study in mental health recognised by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

A mental health nurse works with someone to help them manage their life. That might be specifically about their mental health, but it might include helping with any physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs.

The mental health nurse can:

  • work with you to plan your recovery
  • help educate you, your family and your doctor about your mental illness and its treatment
  • support you to talk to your doctor about mental health
  • provide counselling and strategies to deal with emotional difficulties and stress
  • help you deal with your symptoms and any medication you take
  • link with health professionals involved in your care, like your doctor, a psychologist or psychiatrist, to make sure you get the most appropriate treatment
  • help you access support services from Services Australia, or housing and community programs
  • talk to your family and support people, if you want
  • help you review your mental health care plan with your doctor

A mental health nurse can provide help in a crisis. They can also help you find more help if needed, whether that’s in person or by phone or online.

Your mental health nurse always maintains your safety as a priority, and they may have you checked over in a hospital if they feel you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

Source: HealthDirect