If you have ANY of these symptoms:

· Fever

· Cough

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

· Fatigue

AND In the 14 days before getting sick travelled internationally.

OR Had close contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected of having Coronavirus in the 14 days before getting sick.

Please call ahead before coming in for an appointment.

Please CALL reception before coming in for an appointment.

People are urged to call ahead and advise the clinic of their symptoms so precautions can be taken.

If symptoms are severe please call ahead to your local hospital’s Emergency Department and then present there.

Further information can be found at https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/what-you-need-to-know-about-coronavirus-covid-19#symptoms.

National Coronavirus Helpline

Call this line if you are seeking information on coronavirus (COVID-19). The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1800 020 080

Patient resources

We have compiled the following resources from WHO and Department of Health to send to your patients.

Further patient resources can be found from WHO and the Department of Health

We are pleased to inform our patients that online booking is back online after our internet connection was restored early this afternoon.

Please accept our apologies for the downtime and for any confusion due to double bookings, we did attempt to contact all patients who had booked online between 7.00am – 2.00pm Monday 26/03/2018 as the online system would not have synchronized with our onsite system.

Evans Street Clinic

Evans Street Clinic is participating in the Doctors in Secondary Schools program and has partnered with a local Secondary school to provide practitioners onsite at school once a week.

This state funded program will fund general practitioners (GPs) to attend up to 100 Victorian government secondary schools one day a week to provide medical advice and health care to those students most in need.

For more information on the program please visit:


From the 12th to the 15th February Evans Street will be closed to install speed bumps.

Our clinic will continue to operate normally during these road works, however access to the clinic will change.  In order to access the clinic please use the lane way at the back of the clinic and walk up Link Arcade and into the back entrance where Dorevitch Pathology is located.

Parking should be available in Oshanassy Street, please call ahead to find out if your Doctors is running on time and leave enough time to find a car park and walk in the back entrance of the clinic.

Parentline is a confidential phone counselling service for parents and carers of children and teenagers in Victoria. We offer information, referrals and assistance on a range of parenting issues.

Available 8am to Midnight, 7 days a week – PHONE 13 22 89

Changes to Bulk Billing for patients having wound care and the introduction of a consumables fee will commence from 1.11.17.

The use of dressing packs and dressings cannot continue to be absorbed by the clinic and a consumables charge will now apply depending on the types of products you require.

Typically a fee will be between $5 – $20.

The Australian Government, Department of Health instigated the Immunise Australia Program which funds the purchase of vaccinations to protect millions of Australians from vaccine-preventable diseases. Their website has readily accessible information on all vaccines including influenza.

An Annual vaccination is the best way of preventing the flu and any associated illness. You should get the flu shot every year because the flu virus is constantly changing. Every year, the flu vaccine changes too, so it protects against the flu strains which are most likely to be around during that winter.

There is now evidence that the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine wanes over time and it’s important to be protected when the flu is most common. Ask your doctor for advice on the best time to receive your vaccination.

For more information and Questions and Answers refer to:

Thank you to everyone for being patient with our online booking system today. We had to take it offline this morning for urgent maintenance. It is now back online and working. Thank you, your friendly Evans Street Clinic IT Staff.